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Tenere - DeFi Credit System. Secured Crypto Loan, Crypto Staking, Crypto Swap and other DeFi services.

Tenere (TNR)

  • Type: Utility BEP-20 (BSC) Token of Tenere DeFi Credit System.

  • Purpose: Access to Tenere services

  • Name: Tenere

  • Symbol: TNR

  • Total Supply: 210,000,000 TNR

  • Buy/Sell Fee 0%

  • Transfer Fee 0%

Tenere: DeFi Credit System is a cutting-edge decentralized finance (DeFi) project focused on bringing DeFi technologies to the mainstream

Problem and Solution from Tenere:

Have you ever found yourself in a pinch, needing money urgently but reluctant to sell your property, like real estate or a car? Cryptocurrency assets, just like these, are valuable properties too, but selling them can be as undesirable as selling physical assets. For such scenarios, we've developed Secured Crypto Loan - a service that offers crypto loans with cryptocurrency as collateral. This innovative solution enables you to access the funds you need without parting with your crypto assets, ensuring you still hold onto your digital investments while meeting immediate financial demands.

Secured Crypto Loan is just one of many innovative solutions provided by Tenere. For more detailed information about our other offerings, please see the information provided below."


Established on December 31, 2022, Tenere has evolved from promoting innovative NFT collections to developing a comprehensive DeFi platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Tenere – (lat.) "keep", "hold"

Origin: Initially launched in the TON network

(History) NFT Projects by Tenere on TON network:

Tenere DeFi Services

Tenere Crypto Loan

  • Credit Asset: USDT (BEP20)

  • Loan Technology: Fully decentralized and automated process based on smart contracts in the BSC network, open source code, no servers involved, all operations are conducted on the BSC.

  • Collateral Options: BTC (BEP20), ETH (BEP20), SOL (BEP20), AVAX (BEP20), DOGE (BEP20), SHIB (BEP20), TRX (BEP20), BCH (BEP20), BNB (BEP20)

  • Terms & Rates:

    • 30 Days: 12% APY, min. 100 USDT

    • 60 Days: 12% APY, min. 100 USDT

    • 90 Days: 11% APY, min. 100 USDT

    • 180 Days: 10% APY, min. 100 USDT

  • Platform: Loan

Tenere Staking

  • Staking Options:

    • USDT: 6% APY for 60/90/180 days

    • TNR: 10% APY for 90 days, 12% APY for 180 days, 14% APY for 360 days

  • Partnerships: Staking available to other crypto projects (Tokens) (BSC)

  • Platform: Stake

  • Documentation: Tenere Staking Docs

Tenere EX

  • Function: Crypto exchange (BSC Network) - BTC, ETH, BNB, TNR, USDT

  • Platform: Swap

  • Documentation: Tenere Exchange

Additional Services

Tenere ADS: Promote crypto projects via banner ads on Tenere's website.

Tenere Audit: Smart Contract Auditing by experienced developers.

Tokenomics Tenere (TNR)

  • 15% DEX Liquidity pool

  • 25% CEX Liquidity pool

  • 10% Team

  • 20% Utility

  • 10% Tenere Services Deposit

  • 10% Marketing

  • 10% Staking TNR, Tenere(TNR) holders on TON swap to BSC TNR (Bep-20)


As Tenere continues to innovate and develop new solutions in the crypto sphere, we remain committed to our goal of advancing DeFi technologies and making them accessible to a broader audience.

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